Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Moles on the move

I have for a long time thought that moles might provide us with a (partial) answer to likely sea level rise over coming years: http://www.flyintheface.com/up%20and%20under.html
It seems that someone may be trialling my idea as super-large molehills have recently been seen 'on the move' near Aldeburgh (pictured above) and then on the beach at Thorpeness (see below).
As you can see, these molehills are much larger than those produced by the average garden mole, lending credence to speculation in scientific circles that mutant moles are either being bred and released in the Aldeburgh area precisely for this purpose - or that they may even be evolving 'naturally' as a result of the local Sizewell effect...

Not everyone is convinced of their merit. Diggers were brought in to remove the offending molehills with the earth helpfully being re-utilised in sea defence works on the beach.

Evidence suggests that Aldeburgh is not the only area affected by mole trials. More modest trials also appear to be underway on Bournemouth beach.

If you would like to take part in future  UP AND UNDER trials in your area, then please contact me upandunder@flyintheface.com, with the proposed location of your UP AND UNDER action and attaching your agreement to the Mole Protection Charter.  

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