Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I have just had a wonderful weekend exhibiting Pilotage, a collaboration with Ian McMillan for the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. At our book signing for Pilotage: collected works (my half hour of fame; it felt so good...), Ian performed his short poem inspired by the fragment of a danger sign we found washed up on the beach near Sizewell. But how, we were asked, did we know it was part of a danger sign? Mightn't it instead be a sign for MANGETOUT from a greengrocer's? The questioner had a point. We felt we had no choice but to add a new piece to our installation in the Dovecote at Snape Maltings where people could add their own ideas.
Here are some of their suggestions:
blancmange, mange, change, endangered, flange, lone ranger, Pangbourne, climate change, orange, pangea, hanger, mangelwurzel, phalange, angel, free-range, hanger-on, bangbang, anger, sea-change, Angela Merkel, deranged, sange, stranger, manger, ranger, tangerine, dangerous, rearrange, angel dust, estrangement...
Any more?

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