Thursday, 19 May 2011

The time is right for air raids...

The air seen from the earth

Recent weeks have seen air pollution alerts in England and Wales, with Defra urging the public to take "sensible precautions". For more details see BBC news report. So now is the time to take very seriously the issue of safeguarding your future air supplies. Luckily I have already prepared the resources necessary to help you do this - visit to find out how.

Air quality too poor in your area to go air raiding?
Then consider applying for one of my exclusive boxes of Fresh Air to tide you over...

And check out what's happening in Norwich this weekend:
Other/other/other have a organised a good clean run on 21st May to highlight the city's air quality as part of Invisible Dust, a project which “involves leading world artists and scientists collaborating to explore air pollution, health and climate change”, and which is taking place as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival....

Check out their websites here:
other/other/other blog
invisible dust

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