Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Skipping in Orford

Earlier this month our  second 'residents' were here: Jane Darke (film-maker & painter from Cornwall) and Andrew Tebbs (photographer, sculptor and more... from Derbyshire). On a quick walk round Orford, both Jane's (longterm wrecker!) and my eyes alighted on a skip in Quay Street in which we found this discarded carved lobster plaque...

- a really apt find in view of Jane's own lobster fishing and not least her film The Art of Catching Lobsters, an extraordinary and moving film shot on the rugged North Cornwall coast, in which Jane records her husband Nick's life as a fisherman, beachcomber and playwright... 'a film about how to manage love... and the loss of it'.
To read more about the film, see theartofcatchinglobsters.com

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